About us

Zampieri firm was set up in Rome, in April 1949.

The working clothes manufactured by Zampieri were and are still worn by the household servants of the most important European Families; as well as by the staff of prestigious Hotels & Restaurants, Catering services, Embassies and State Institutions.

Our Corporate Line offers elegant and trendy solutions for Conferences hostess and stewards, Companies staff and receptionists, Stores clerks.

It is therefore with the pride of a firm which works with constance and professionality that Zampieri proposes you this catalogue, window to its creations and fruit of 60 years dedicated to style and quality.

Our services include:

-For the most exigent clients we create personalized designs and our pattern maker creates new collection on request.
-We are fast and detailed (We have a rich storage, and for the sartorial products we take maximum of 15/20 working days).
-A punctual organization and our modern dressmaker guarantees fast delivery in the scheduled timing.
-We provide style assistant: you can choose in our collections what can be modified.
-The perfectioning of fitting can take place in person or by checking our size boards.
-The personalizing of uniforms with embroideries or print.
-We ship worldwide by our conventioned partners.